By Cordejha Lewis

The Italian luxury brand Bulgari just broke another world record-no surprise there! The iconic
watchmaking brand has crafted the world’s thinnest watch ever: the Octo Finissimo Ultra. The
watch measures at an impressive 1.8mm. The size, although groundbreaking, isn’t even the best
feature of the watch. The seemingly two dimensional design also features an engraved QR code
onto the watches barrel. Upon scanning, owners are redirected to an online portal dedicated to
the timepiece, where its history and design can be accessed. You can now enter the metaverse
with just a scan of the wrist! The QR code not only gives the wearer access to the watches
history but it also doubles as a means of authentication. Due to the increasing popularity of
NFTs, dupes have naturally been on the rise. To counter that, Bulgari has ensured that any NFT
accessed within the etach will automatically be authenticated.
Technically speaking, the Octo Finissimo Ultra, reigns supreme as each of the owners of the ten
limited edition watches will be gifted exclusive NFT artwork, which serves as a means of
authentication. Unlike other luxury brands, Bulgari has halted counterfeiting even before the
timepieces’ launch. This newest edition to Bulgari’s world of haute horlogerie blurs the lines
between a watch and its owner within the physical world. This watch is a great edition for those
who like their jewelry refined and rare. With a whopping fifty full hours of power reserve, fans
can be sure that they will be able to spend optimal time in the verse checking on their NFTs.
Crafted in sandblasted titanium, the innovative timepiece also matches with a super thin case and
a gorgeous integrated bracelet. Sleek and striking, the monochromatic Bulgari timepiece merges
the mechanical world with that of the digital.