In an exciting development, Planet Fashion TV is proud to announce the groundbreaking Sustainability in Fashion Awards Gala, scheduled May 20th 2024 in Cannes. The event not only recognizes eco-conscious achievements in fashion but also extends its scope to honor outstanding contributions from sustainable tech companies, impactful films, and influential activists.

Building on the success of our traditional fashion categories, we’re thrilled to introduce the following new awards:

Sustainable Tech Innovator Award: Recognizing a tech company at the forefront of creating innovative and sustainable solutions within the fashion industry.

Eco-Film of the Year: Honoring a documentary or director that effectively communicates and inspires action on sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion world.

Sustainable Activist Celebrity Award: Celebrating a prominent figure who uses their platform to advocate for sustainability and positive change in the fashion industry.

This expansion reflects our commitment to recognizing sustainability in a broader context, acknowledging the crucial role technology, film, and influential figures play in shaping a more responsible and conscious fashion ecosystem.

As we continue to invite applications for shortlisting from companies across the USA and Europe, we encourage tech innovators, filmmakers, and influential activists to showcase their impactful contributions to sustainability.

Companies and individuals interested in being considered for these prestigious awards are invited to submit their entries by April 1st. The Sustainability in Fashion Awards Gala promises to be an inspiring and inclusive celebration, uniting pioneers from diverse sectors for a sustainable future in fashion.

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