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The world is moving faster, but our minds are focused and engulfed in everything from 3D printing and wearable devices to the future of bitcoins and sustainable treehouse hotels. Log on here to discover thought-provoking advances in technology, juicy memes, experiential travel stories, buzzing destinations, and sundry aspects of culture.

Casablanca Menswear by Charaf Tajer

We were really excited about this new Menswear line because its exactly what we need in menswear right now, fun. Its a little bit retro, a little bit kitsch, but modern and whimsical. A cross between resort wear and athleisure-wear, this line is great for men of any age. Casablanca is a Parisian menswear brand [...]

Samantha Giraud 2019 Collection

Blending classic and timeless elements of eastern fashion and other cultural cues with sophisticated, bold, and edgy styles of the west, Samantha Giraud showcases an approachable and polished yet feminine S/S 2019 collection Emulating 1950’s Hong Kong, Samantha Giraud was inspired by the landscape of the economic revival of the textile industry after WWII to [...]

Planet Fashion Announces Partnership With ARTEFEX Australia!

This year Planet Fashion is partnering with the brilliant J.D. Nelson, the CEO of Artefex Media, the Australian fashion consulting firm. Based in Melbourne, Nelson has had over a decade of experience in the entertainment field, and will help Planet Fashion with brand strategy and outreach in Australia. First up, New York Fashion Week.  Nelson [...]