balmain It’s always a delight to follow our favorite celebrities on social media and get our daily dose of perfection. And when we want to let off steam and have fun with our friends, shopping is always a good solution, at stores like H&M. Or, just starring for hours at the gorgeous designer collections, like the ones from Balmain.

So, when these things mix together, magic happens. This is how we feel about Ashley Benson, Hanna from Pretty Little Liars, being the face of H&M’s new Divided collection. And as if that was not enough, Balmain decided to replace Rihanna with the supermodel and friend of hers, Cara Delevingne.


The collection by H&M consists in designs that target younger ages, combining casual    and statement pieces with some feminine elements. Perfectly adapted to the actress’s personal style.
On the other hand, Balmain sticks to the edgy yet always chic side of things. Dark tones, leather and animal prints from the backstage shots, place our hopes high for the future. Cara, and also Jourdan Dunn who is also part of the campaign, fit perfectly to the whole theme.

So, you can guess we’re pretty excited to shop the new collection at H&M and have fun mixing and matching with fun accessories, but also we can’t wait to see more from the new Balmain collection. Whether it fits in our budget or not. I’m sure you feel me!