Chanel’s history is punctuated by inspirational places that have contributed to shaping its style, establishing its codes and enhancing its creativity. Among these emblematic sources of inspiration, Monte-Carlo holds a special place. Its bonds with Chanel began in the 1910s, when Gabrielle Chanel discovered the Principality of Monaco and its surrounding region, and were strengthened by Karl Lagerfeld from the 1980s onwards.

Today, through the Chanel Cruise 2022/23 collection, Virginie Viard is reviving the Riviera spirit of freedom and sophistication that perfectly reflects the idea of a fashion anchored in modernity.

Inspired by the cosmopolitan beach lifestyle of Monte-Carlo and Chanel’s history along the Côte d’Azur, the collection reveals sophisticated silhouettes where beachside sportswear echoes a modern glamour.