New York Fashion Week was all about reconstructing and deconstructing Streetwear, which at this point is really just the modern Ready To Wear.
Death to Tennis was one of our favorites at New York Fashion Week because they were able to achieve nuance. It was artsy and multi-dimensional. Their take on the modern streetwear trend leans a little rockabilly.

Death to Tennis‘ S/S 2018 collection, designed by William Watson and Vincent Oshin drew inspiration from New York-based artist, Keith Mackie’s Mystical Peacock.

Initially hand-drawn on paper then rendered in photoshop, peacock feathers in various colors are set against a white backdrop. This print is used throughout pieces in the collection, ranging from scarves, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, and trousers. The designers played on the multitude of “eyes” which were found on the tail-feathers and interpreted by the designers as an abstract reference on modern society’s obsession with vanity with a nod to the1950s aesthetic.

With the rise of Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, it was only natural that models at the show were holding their iPhones to livestream the presentation.