by Zsófi Benyi

Unexpected Wonders can be found in things you have seen a million times before- says
Zendaya, the It Girl of our times, swirling in the summer magic of Rome in the new Bvlgari
Campaign: what an iconic moment! If you are lucky enough to be open to it, unexpected
wonder is everywhere- adds Anne Hathaway with that timeless elegance true to her like no
other. Two strong women, defining our time with their effortless beauty and personality
spiced with the talent comparable to no other of the Academy Award-winning director Paolo
Sorrentino, creating the campaign of Unexpected Wonders. Bvlgari will not stop with a showstopping
pop-culture moment: the new jewelry collection dropped featuring frosted candy of
sparkling jewels and the symbol of the modern digital revolution: NFTs.

The multi-million-euro, 10-carat Magnifica Ruby Metamorphosis necklace is the peak of an
Unexpected Wonder: so glisteningly glamourous that it frosts and melts everything it endures.
“The first NFT jewel, an intangible creation, transcending the boundaries of materiality”
appeared under the fantasy name “Beyond Wonder” and needs no further introduction. “The
future of contemporary art is partly digital, and NFTs are the driver of digital contemporary
art. “Being able to give our clients an artistic dimension inspired by their jewelry gives to the
piece an emotional dimension”, says Babin proving Bvlgari to be a pioneer amongst jewelry
powerhouses leaping for NFTs. Vogue once said that if you can’t afford the diamonds, you can
still have a Bvlgari and Cartier handbag! So, what if I still want the diamonds? Babin says,
“Absolutely”, since NFTs could bridge the gap between Bvlgari and more affordable jewelry.