The 40 year anniversary of the wrap dress, a Diane Von Furstenberg signature, has fashionista’s going runway crazy. The fashion icon has made her mark in the world of style, grace and classy threads by creating a staple that all women can relate to.
Deemed ‘Wrap Queen,’ Furstenberg has dedicated a yearlong celebration and an entire exhibit to this endless trendy piece.
The exhibit opened in Los Angeles at the Wilshire May Company Building. Can you say “40 years of a perfect wrap?”

In February, the designer has released a yearlong digital campaign which follows her wrap dress around the world. Titled “Journey of a dress” the campaign includes stylish influencers taking their wrap dresses around the world. The fashion experts have been documenting their journeys through social media with the hashtag #Journeyofadress.

Touring extravagant cities in lavish threads…Oh so DVF!
The Hollywood famous wrap dress has been worn by Cybill Shepherd in 1976’s Taxi Driver, and Michelle Obama for the 2009 White House Christmas card…to name a few.

It is the ideal combination of feminism and femininity, and four decades after its debut, women from 17 to 70 continue to clamor for it as a foundation for a stylish wardrobe.” – Los Angeles Confidential-

A rise to fame based on simplicity and sexiness, Von Furstenberg has challenged the fashion industry with creative ideas and styles that give women all over the world a timeless option for wardrobe essentials.

The expectations of the latest fall ’14 collection is no different. It features the “Bohemian Wrapsody, a moveable feast of fashion,” according to Von Furstenberg’s Instagram team.
Stand out prints and bold, rich colors are the makeup of this classy classic.
Fashion savy or not, women gravitate to the wrap dress trend…year after year, decade after decade.

It’s no wonder why Diane Von Furstenberg was declared to be the most marketable female in fashion since Coco Chanel.

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