Dolce & Gabbana thankfully has brought back the sexy into menswear! Their latest collection is for the guy who is ready to party.

Even the invitation to their live show was a card studded with gems that lit up at the flick of a switch. This was their first runway show with an audience in nearly a year. The excitement showed with the designers and in the collection. “We love the human touch, watching people during the show, coming out for the finale.” said Domenico Dolce.

The collection represented light to the designers. “It’s a very Italian tradition: a celebration of light, family and artisans. This is the most important message for us today,” Gabbana explained. “Light is good therapy for this moment. Now we need to see light, joy and happiness in the eyes of people. That’s what we want.”

This collection was a little bit of a throwback to the early 2000’s by the designers, recognizing a social media trend.

A T-shirt read “2000s Fashion Moment.” Dolce & Gabbana aren’t afraid of nostalgia. “It’s a way of reminding yourself of something: our roots, our memories, our sentiments,” said Gabbana. “Fashion is not just a piece of fabric. When we work, we work with a sentiment; with our heart and with our brains. For Domenico and me, it’s our lives. Our collection is pieces of us. We are very sentimental.”