By: Cordejha Lewis

Dolce & Gabbana announced its second NFT project. This marks the brand’s second entry onto
the verse as well as its second collaboration with UNXD and first with Polygon. This comes after
the release of the Italian powerhouses extremely successful Collezione Genesei, last september.
The initiative, dubbed D&G Family NFT community, will release a collection of boxes with each
containing a different level of rarity. Each NFT will contain digital, physical, and experimental
privileges for DGFamily members. Despite the excitement surrounding the boxes, the actual
price for each NFT has not been disclosed yet. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana will
design all of the items in each box. The Nfts will be available via private mint with whitelisted
addresses set to be selected by raffle or awarded directly by UNXD. All boxes will be awarded
exclusively on UNXD.
The Italian Luxury fashion house has geared up its exclusivity with this second collection,
featuring three levels of exclusive boxes. Dolce & Gabbana tweeted, “They are based on
@DolceGabbana’s ornately carved, carretto-style jewelry box, but built to hold so much more.”
The tiered boxes contain their own separate level of exclusivity with the order being; The Black
Box, The Gold Box, and the Platinum box. The Black Box serves as the first level of the
D&GFamily. It contains exclusive digital and physical drops of The brand’s famous apparel as
well as special bonuses along the way. Owners will also get a membership to a series of
metaverse events.

The Gold Box features a sleek and shiny curated look which will contain all of the items and
privileges from its predecessor, the Black Box. The Gold Box allows access to more rare D&G
drops and invitations to various in-person events. It also includes a premium version swag set.

Finally, the last level, and rarest of them all, is the Platinum Box. This box is the third and rarest
level of the collection. It grants all of the privileges of the Gold Box. The box allows access to
the rarest drops as well as in-person events. This is truly the pinnacle of the DGFamily