The first Fashion show that our CEO Celia Evans ever saw was the Emilio Pucci Show in Florence Italy. That was a game changing moment. SInce then the brand has been one of our favorites, but they never seem to get the credit they deserve internationally. This brand consistently puts out forward thinking cool collections, but mainstream media doesn’t seem to hype them up like Gucci or Versace. But if you know, you know. Pucci is one of the best and Pucci is known for it’s printed fabrics! Raf Simons, a fashion world god to legions of millennials and Gen Z-ers, utilized a Pucci-inspired print in his spring 2021 collection. Jennifer Lopez recently posed in swirling Pucci print bikinis. The design team was impeccably smart about nodding to the Simons reference while establishing itself as the progenitor of groovy, sexy, allover prints. The key item in the fall 2021 collection is a zip-front bodysuit in light yellow and teal patterns. Inspired by the first thing Emilio Pucci ever designed, a ski suit, the bodysuit is layered underneath double-face cashmere wrap coats, quilted orange mid skirts, and printed velvet jackets. It’s not hard to imagine all our favorite bodacious babes trying it out in their selfies very soon.
Their latest collection is also structurally exciting. This collection is definitely for the cool “it” girls.