Faith in works

This by far, is a trying time for most, if not all, as we experience a lot of unknown in the upcoming weeks, let alone the ripple effect that can follow. So, usually in trying times, most will lean towards faith.

Faith in this context is not based on a religion, but rather a belief.

Here’s what I’ve witnessed around people’s faith.

Most people will say they believe in something greater, but yet, it is a part time belief. Most desires or requests to your higher intelligence, God, Universe, or whatever your chosen faith is, is first dependent on seeing that desire manifest to reality before we believe it’s possible. “ when I see it I’ll believe it…

I call this “ incongruent Faith “

Let me invite you to a perspective that may or may not meet your current belief, so stay with me here for a moment, and then surmise for yourself.
Creation was manifested by a thought first, “ unseen “ in the physical to the “seen “ which became physical.
It wasn’t based on the synthetic fear, worry or doubt, but rather, an expectation, in full harmony, frequency, flow and direction of all and everything. No deviation, no default.

So when most ask for something, the prayer of this asking usually involves a default or incongruent frequency like:

I want this but…

1- It’s not possible right now
2- I never get what I want
3- I’m not feeling worthy
4- it will happen in Gods time

What picture does this paint for you when you pray? What frequency does this emit toward your “ask”…

We are powerful beings and whether you know it or not, we are manifesting what we want or don’t want based on intrinsic belief.

Here is an example; praying for something to happen but not really believing it’s totally possible so what usually comes to fruition is not what you’ve asked for but rather what you believe will come true.

If you believe it’s not possible, well, you’re most likely going to experience that, not because it’s not possible but you’ll never see the miracle of your ask because you’re too busy in the disbelief. Then you just repeat the process over and over, proving to yourself that “nothing ever works for me” !!! Sound familiar ?

So, how do we get congruent with your desire?

How in these trying times, do we truly lean into our faith? How do we know as the universe did, ask and it shall be given ……

Check in with yourself. When you pray, is it from lack or is it from full expectation, knowing it has to come?
Do you at times pray from doubt?

Remember, we are energy and this energy is everywhere and everything. You can’t see it but you can surely feel it.

Not recommended but try if you like. If you were to stick your finger in an electrical socket, see what happens. There is a current, unseen and trust me, it will not deviate from its purpose. I think you know the outcome here.

This is how strong your faith needs to be. Even though you may not see it, you know it’s there, and not sometimes, but all the time.

Faith is a powerful tool, when you know how to use it. It has laws as the universe does.

Check in on your faith . Be truthful and honest with yourself in how you practice it.

Step into your faith now with an understanding of how you practice it. Put the faith in works everyday with full expectation that it will come, not “how “ but rather “ it will come “… Then, step forth daily, In full expectation, feeling fully worthy, that your request has been answered. The proof will be in direct relation to your faith in receiving and practicing inspired action daily.

You will only ever be met energetically, equal to the degree of your energy. The Universe can’t meet you at 80% if you’re only at 20%.

Get clear about your faith. It’s what can and will carry you through this trying time.

Paul Sokolski