By Cordejha Lewis

NFTs have begun to conquer the fashion sphere in all of its glory. With its latest emergence into
the virtual catwalk, digital designs are now being presented in metaverse environments.
Metaverse Fashion Week has finally emerged! One of the most prominent examples of this
comes from Everyrealm. Everyrealm hosted its Metaverse Fashion Week on 14 February, 2022
the same day as New York’s Fashion Week. The event was produced by Blueberry
Entertainment, a digital wearable brand and took place in the Second Life Metaverse, a virtual
world since 2003. High-end women’s fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai, was featured in the
fashion show. Every Realms website states, “Inspired by New York Fashion Week, Metaverse
Fashion Week is a first-of-its kind metaverse event showcasing digital wearables.” It’s no
coincidence this project was released simultaneously with the famous New York Fashion Week.
One of Everyrealms goals with this unique drop was to solidify digital wearables into the broader
fashion business. Julia Scahwartz, co-founder of Everyrealm stated in an interview with
Cointelegraph that the company’s goal was to illustrate that digital fashion has a place in the
broader business by giving digital wearables a runway in the Metaverse.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual fashion show could prove to be a game changer in
maintaining the safety of all participants. The innovative show consisted of digital wearables as
well as physical garments. The digital pieces can be superimposed on photos to be worn in
“For the first time ever, digital NFT wearables made their
debut in the Metaverse before their physical counterparts,
demonstrating a dramatic shift in the way people consume
and experience fashion and culture “
-Julia Schwarz
social media posts, or on 3D avatars. Fans of the brand and fashion in general can have the
opportunity to participate as well as integrate themselves into the culture of the brand through the
purchase of nonfungible tokens. The move to incorporate more digital wearables alongside
physical items allows individual property rights, as they actually own an asset that is completely
permanent. What are your thoughts on this daring move?