You know a Cavalli dress when you see one. With a penchant for outlandish prints and a sexual silhouettes, the brand is known for its mix of Barocco overindulgence coupled with the overindulgence of the 2000s. Celebrity and cultural allegiances were forged between the brand and style icons like Jennifer Lopez, with Kim Kardashian more recently sourcing her vintage wardrobe from Cavalli’s rich archives.

Fausto is set to bring back Cavalli back to the main stream and make it the it Sexy brand again. Focusing on new ways to bring the brand to a new age of social media but keeping it Cavalli. Fausto has produced a collection that is both new and keeps the codes of the Cavalli brand aligned. The collection feels contemporary and mixes the classic Cavalli prints with new silhouettes with a mix of urban. The casting also reflects the mix of the new and the old with young models and older generation models.

We love the new vision that Fausto has for the brand and we cant wait to see whats next!