by Jana Lee

Trends often circle back. Some trends we would be happy not to see again in a while, on the other hand, certain trends are long-awaited.

As a species, we have a thing for soft and cute things. And just like we can’t handle the cuteness of puppies, we often fall in love with cute objects. This is why furry bags are trending and are bigger than ever. Now you can live out your Clueless ‘90s fantasy and accessorize your outfits with bags made to stand out. After a few years of minimalism and ‘90s trends slowly coming back, we are excited to welcome back this adorable trend. Not only will you feel like a child holding your favorite plush toy, but you will also look very fashionable and trend-aware.

Furry bags add to the coziness of any outfit thanks to their soft exterior, which is why they are going to go perfectly with various outfits in 2022. Pair them with suits to contrast the sharp structure with the soft material of the bag. Alternatively, you can go for a monochrome look and play with different materials and textures. Introducing a furry bag to such an outfit will make all the difference. The options are endless and these trending bags will surely evoke childlike wonder and creativity in you.

There is no better material for cold months, which is why this trend will develop with the new year. With various designs, patterns, and silhouettes available, you will surely find the perfect furry bag for you. Designer bags, as well as more affordable options, are available now and you can shop for this trend at brands ranging from Fendi, Chanel, Jacquemus, and Bottega Veneta to Zara, Mango, and Urban Outfitters. Depending on your style and aesthetic you can choose the perfect furry bag for you. If you like to experiment with your outfits and indulge in trends, go for bold colors and patterns. On the other hand, if you would like to enjoy this exciting trend, but want something understated, go for toned-down options. They still contain the essence of this very popular trend but are wearable with everyday outfits.

With various trends and pieces to look forward to, 2022 is definitely the year to anticipate eagerly. Whether you like to explore trends, or not, furry bags are going to be the staple of the upcoming months, and thanks to the different designs, everyone can find their go-to furry bag.