By Cordejha Lewis

The French fashion house and perfume house, Givenchy, has launched Givenchy Beauty House
on the gaming platform Roblox. The announcement was made earlier this week on Roblox’s
metaverse platform. Roblox and other gaming platforms have become the first point of call for
the most luxurious fashion houses, with Givenchy being no exception. Gaming platforms have
become a way for luxury brands to further evolve their virtual roadmaps and to reach the
younger generation. Givenchy’s beauty website states, “Join your friends in unexpected gardens
inspired by the emblematic products of the brand.” The beauty brand has caught on and is
currently leveraging this innovative opportunity. Givenchy Beauty House is an immersive virtual
map on the popular gaming platform Roblox in collaboration with Swedish developer studio,
The Gang and is currently live! Players can expect to enter a universe of magic, and even
historical markers from the French luxury brand.

Visitors are able to explore a magic kingdom filled with incredible cityscapes that we are all
dying to explore. Most importantly, uber fans of Givenchy can even visit a castle inspired by the
luxury brand’s late founder, Hubert de Givenchy. Players can show off their (virtual) dance
moves on an exciting dance floor and also explore L’Interdit underground station. But, the fun
doesn’t stop there! If you have been dying to get your hands on Givenchy’s beauty products, wait
no further as Givenchy Beauty House has that covered. Givenchy’s rep’s stated that visitors can
expect to be able to virtually apply cosmetics via designated makeup stations within the beauty

house. Fans can also participate in contests where they have the chance to win digital fashion
accessories! The contest consists of users making their own avatars, which they can then submit
for a chance to win virtual rewards. Adding to its impressive and long history of groundbreaking
additions to the fashion sphere, Givenchy can add the title of “first immersive beauty experience
to be featured on Roblox.” Have you explored Givenchy’s latest virtual world? What should the
luxury brand do next in the metaverse?