Matthew M. Williams hits a high note with the  Givenchy pre fall 2021 collection. It effortlessly embodies the millennial urban cool kid.

The collection is full of staple pieces you can wear daily but they make an edgy statement. In describing his approach to designing this collection, Williams explained “What I find exciting is often things I would wear myself. As somebody who shops, if I’m buying a suit and I want to wear a t-shirt with the suit instead of a button-up, I want that brand to have a nice t-shirt for me to wear. For me, it’s really finding that tension between my real world—how I wear clothes on a daily basis—with this magical dream world of the Maison,” he said.

A generous amount of logos, a pillar for the social media and brand name obsessed generation, are in the collection. Givenchy’s archival four-G logo is on dresses, embossed on bags, and bag chains. “I’m doing the logos through construction and materials as much as possible,” he said, presenting a leather jacket with Givenchy embossed across the lower back as an example. “Sometimes when there’s branding, it’ll be more subtle.”

In October, Williams did his first social media campaign with Givenchy. In it the Kardashians and Jenners dressed up and shot themselves in his first collection. This promotion reached 500 million people. The first products under his creative direction hit Givenchy stores this month.