By Cordejha Lewis

Nft platform, SuperRare, has announced that it will be dropping its latest collaboration with
Italian luxury brand Gucci. The NFT drop is titled, “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” and will
feature 10 NFT artists. Those selected to help curate this new drop, were instructed to reflect on
Gucci’s 100-year legacy. They were also told to craft their totally new vision for the brands next
100 years. Some of the featured artists include: Christodoulou, Aliendope, Diberkato, Drew
Young, Jordan Schiffer, Pet Liger, trs.mnz, Tyler Spangler, Vexx and YEAHYEAHCHLOE.
However, this collaboration doesn’t just end with some awesome NFTs, Gucci also will be
welcomed into the SuperRare DAO, which is completely controlled by the platform’s many
artists, curators and collectors through the company’s $RARE token. The platform also ensures
that holders and newcomers alike will be welcomed into these spaces. If any of you NFT lovers
are interested, this collection is live as of July 7, with auctions being made directly on the Vault

As Gucci continues to dominate the metaverse, this collection highlights a glimpse into the
Italian luxury house for the next 100 years. The collection features digital and collectible pieces
which showcase the artist’s take on Gucci’s impact. Many artists used Gucci’s ability to highlight
the connection between humans and the metaverse with some of the luxury brands most iconic
pieces. An Chen, One the artists for the collection described Gucci’s iconic floral pattern in
“Flora II – Gocce de Flori” as a cross between time and dimensions, highlighting the brand’s
connection with the universe. One thing is for sure, Gucci knows how to make the first move.

This ground stopping gallery came after the recent acquisition of $25,000 worth of SuperRare
DAO’ native token $RARE. Which also marks the Luxury brands grand entrance into the
marketplace. What are your thoughts on Gucci’s most recent collaboration?