By Zsófi Benyi

Hollywood It-Girl, whose growth from socialite to jet-set model and the wife of a superstar to skincare brand founder, resulted in a head-turning style evolution: and the result? A classy, attainable, simple wardrobe of solid foundations that results in a street style sensation, with the occasional nod to a trend (baggy jeans and cargo pants) and a celebratory sprinkle of glam for special occasions (aka a baby pink G-string gown to match the pink carpets of the Met Gala or a wedding dress with a veil that says “TILL DEATH DO US PART.”) Here is a blueprint to get a Hailey Bieber wardrobe and a short story about her style makeover.

Hailey Bieber is now considered a fashion icon: casual elements in elevated looks, neutral yet innovative, businesswoman but on the streets, hot but never overly sexual. Hailey Baldwin, on the other hand, was testing the grounds: in 2013 and 2014, she started fresh, trying to give off the perfect model-off-duty. Back in the day, most of us might have already been taking notes, but the initial beany, the mid-2010s passion for red lipstick (now she takes the glaze to the lips with lipliner and peptide treatment duo), the rock-chic aesthetic was just the lead-up to 2016 where we get the first glimpse at the iconic Hailey-look. The DKNY 2016 fashion week show in New York brought her up in a white suit, still a staple: credits to Maeve Reilly for entering the game and crafting the sophisticated look we all dream of. By 2018 Hailey shows how to mix comfortable athleisure wear with minimal elegance: leather pants with sneakers, a sweatshirt levelled up by a chic overcoat. 2018 was the year she stayed for good on the red carpets, giving 60s Versace to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The secret unravelling thus far is to trust the monochrome because it says sophistication, mix comfortably with a chic element and invest in classics that can be dressed up or down based on how you like it. Married to a global superstar glued all eyes on Hailey, which she took advantage of to give classic, timeless, elegant looks. Leather appeared not only in her pants but in coats she would add in color for some razzle-dazzle, and her love affair with denim began as she took her vote against true comfort and minimalism. Sometimes she will pull on boyfriend denim, sneakers, a baby tee, no-makeup makeup looks, her signature sunglasses, some sparkle of gold jewelry and Glazed Rhode shimmer to call it a day.

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