Haute2Wear began as a concept of one style conscious person.

Gabriella Castillo had the desire to bring together those who, like herself, were seeking to round out their own perceptions of the latest style and fashion while still remaining true to their personal style, body type and wallet.

Now the pattern’s been cut, the fabric chosen, and the site has come together…

Introducing Haute2Wear, the social networking site for today’s aspiring fashionistas. Finally a “ready-to-wear” fashion social network where the everyday fashionista’s tastes and opinions are shared.

Gabriella has her own unique perspective and the site allows registered users to add to the latest word on the newest trends and styles. Haute2Wear members can enjoy staying up on the cutting edge of couture with the ability to respond to posts and publish their own articles. All are welcome to share while staying apprised of the newest fashions from a like-minded fashion community.