By Alexandra Lekas


H&M is teaming up with British Nigerian actor John Boyega to create a sustainably developed menswear line.

Boyega, known widely for his role as Finn in Star Wars, said in a statement, “I’m excited to collaborate with H&M on a collection that aligns my passions with purpose… Sustainability to me means thinking about longevity for the benefit of those coming after us.”

In an interview with GQ, Boyega said he wanted to “subtly hint” at his Nigerian heritage in the H&M collection through the various prints. The Nigerian-inpsired fabrics are made of cotton that’s organic or recycled from textile-production waste or post-consumer waste. It also consists of nylons and polyesters that are recycled, and viscose fibres that also come from sustainable sources.

“With your fashion choices you can be better more easily, as there are so many brands doing good stuff, or you can learn to reuse. I wanted that to be intrinsic to the H&M collection,” the actor says.

Some of the collection’s key pieces include a checked coat, partly made from premium Italian recycled wool; an organic cotton stripled shirt; a zip-off jacket-to-vest puffer jacket, crafted from Vegea; t-shirts printed with the message: “A better present leads to a better future”; and, lastly, a Europe-exclusive chore jacket constructed from collected denim garments. The contemporary twist on Nigerian prints is evident throughout all pieces, and it’s sustainable foundation makes it all the better.

You can shop the collection on and in select stores starting October 28.