by Zsófi Benyi
A lot has happened since NFTs first exploded in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries: brands A to Z are hitting on the hot trends like hungry kids ready for a feast around a family table. Let us present to you our hot takes of this sweet and sticky summer as your weekly catch-up with your NFT fan friends to assure that you are up to date. On the agenda today we have Kering claiming Web3 to be the future leader of our digital revolution, Prada following suit and expanding the Web3 offer, Farfetch seeing potential in the acceptance of crypto payment, the grand opening of the first crypto luxury store in London by Philip Plein- a total hot take, Instagram making major NFT announcement, Vogue launching an NFT collection- super hot take-, and finally, iconic queen, Madonna joining the NFT wagon. Buckle up cause this hot take ride of NFT news is about to heat up and blow your mind!

“We think that Web3 and NFTs are a real breakthrough, and we want to be pioneers on that,” Kering’s chief client and digital officer Grégory Boutté affirmed at Paris conference recently. “Luxury has a role to play. There is a real opportunity for us to create digital products that would be ways to express our houses.” Prada follows the groundbreaking steps of Kering and shares the following statement: “There is a synergy between the Prada Timecapsule and the scarcity and desirability of NFTs,” all about the limited-edition NFT time capsule created by the classic Italian luxury house of Prada. Moreover, by the end of the year, all customers from the US, UK, and Europe will be able to pay using crypto with Farfetch, a leading brand in introducing crypto payment. Yet, it should come as no surprise that Philip Phein, also known for being the first online story in accepting crypto -even before Farfetch fetched the idea- is now yet again a step ahead showing off a big hot take: customers are now allowed to pay for products in 25 different currencies at Bond Street store in London, where surprises do not end at the cash register during crypto payment. The Museum of NFT Art is above the main shop floor featuring the exclusive collaboration of Plein and the talented Antoni Tudisco. Hot news from Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram dropped like a fire bombshell when NFT fans, followers, and creators found out that they could now share NFTs they made or bought on their feed, stories, and in messages with friends. As if this was not enough news to keep us busy for quite some bit, the craze continues with Balmain’s and MINT NF’s long-term collaboration for fresh NFTs while Madonna teams with NFT artist, Beeple to create three NFT videos selling on SuperRare called ‘Mother of Creation’. Finally, nearly perfectly A-Z we end with Vogue. Cultural, racial, and gender stereotypes in fashion are at the center of attention in the NFT collection. “All 28 editions of Vogue united under the theme of ‘Every Body’ for March to celebrate greater representation in fashion,” said Norman Tan, editor-in-chief of Vogue Singapore. “For Vogue Singapore, that includes spotlighting the role of fashion in web3 and what representation of what ‘Every Body’ looks like in the metaverse through the lens of digital creatives.” NFTs and the metaverse have never been such a delicious fruit everyone grasps before as they do this summer, and we can totally understand why: who does not want new, sweet, and exhilarating hot takes grilling all summer to spice up your life?