A women’s nightwear brand believes it has a product that can provide women all across Malaysia with better sleep, confidence, and intimacy in their relationships. Notte Privata , founded by Italians, Malaysians and Singaporeans, seeks to do away with casual sleepwear and bring in sensual, yet comfortable European nighties. They aim to give out 100,000 units for this cause. In Malaysia, it’s common for people to opt for comfortable and cooling wear over intricate or stylish wear due to the tropical heat. For most, this is a pragmatic function over form. As such, ‘uncle’ singlets, old T-shirts, are the norm at home, even more so as no external eyes are on them. While this is understandable given our tropical climate, it doesn’t make for good intimacy for couples at home, especially those that want intimacy and closeness not just on a rare occasion, but want to have that spark on a daily basis, without sacrificing comfort.

For the founders of Notte Privata, they faced this themselves, as 4 men in business, searching for gifts for their wives with the intention of creating spark in the bedroom. After looking for night wear and inspired by European fashion, they realised they lacked good options for such European night wear at good daily use value. They spoke to an Italian business contact and with inspiration from the culture in Europe and their design input, they started the business to provide the European nightie to the millions of women in Malaysia, and the rest of Asia. Malaysia in recent weeks has experienced what some may call a revival, or renewal of hope in its political landscape. Notte Privata’s founders believe it’s because now, that people’s voices are heard. Likewise, they see what they are doing with Notte Privata nightwear, as part of their ‘national service’, to revolutionise how women connect with their partners. They aim to empower every women to feel comfortable, confident and special. While one may question how comfortable a nightie is, and how needed it is in Malaysia, they offer some interesting insight after spending considerable time researching and building the business. Independent medical studies published in Malaysia within the last decade show how professionals and specifically women face several stresses from work and life and up to 60% face insomnia or other sleep-related issues. Some also referenced the negative effects of such stress to affect their relationships. Said Ang, one of the founders, “Going directly to the market, from working with all the different factories and understanding all the different textiles, we realised that there are 2 factors here for a quality-made, intimate nightie for daily use – the fabric which actually breathes better and is lighter than cotton, and the design and make which ends up giving a great all night’s sleep, every day.” Anecdotal and third party research wasn’t going to do for the men either. Talking to hundreds of women in Malaysia, they realised a few things. “Women will spend a lot of money to dress well and go out, yet at home with their partners and family, they let loose. They neglect and don’t invest in feeling comfortable, sexy, and confident, which are our 3 Integral Parts for good sleep. Our ladies told us they wanted to go to bed, and wake up, feeling sexy as well!”

After intensive research and product development, comparing what is in the market from the big e-commerce marketplaces to the big global lingerie brands, and speaking to designers and manufacturers, and directly to the women in the market, they set out to produce their first batch of Notte Privata spring/summer collection. Confident with a winning product, besides their own partners and friends, they are partnering with hundreds of beauty and lifestyle influencers in Malaysia. “ The first reaction is always, “It seems a bit revealing,” but after consideration, and especially trying it out privately in their own residence, our users love it. We’re very confident that women will see the incredible value compared especially to the imported European or American brands that they may see other similar products from. We know we can retail it immediately at its normal USD69.90 price, but decided to do something special for this launch at home.” As a market launch, and with full confidence in their product to satisfy their customers and make waves, Notte Privata is giving away 100,000 pieces of their pioneer luxury nightwear set. This is available exclusively on their website only for 2 weeks (from 25th June to 8th July), and first-come-first-serve to ladies in Malaysia who qualify and visit the website for registration prior to launch: www.notteprivata.com