by Zsófi Benyi

Iconic luxury-footwear brand Jimmy Choo has exploded from a London startup to a classic global brand defining our time. The 90s Jimmy Choo reminds us of a fruit candy on style icon Princess Diana’s graceful legs. The 2000s delivered the Cinderella moment women then and now continue to dream of, can you guess? Here is a sweet hint: “I lost my Choo!” Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw claims to have been a victim of “purchasing too many pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes.” making women in the 2000s fall for the shoe head over heels.

Jimmy Choo has built a one-of-a-kind reputation representing 90s glamour and forming part of the 2000s pop-culture moments. What comes next? What is new for 2022? A sneaker from the Jimmy Choo X Eric Haze collaboration curated by Poggy. High-heel lovers must not worry: limited-edition Mystery Boxes possess one of four digital card creations of Jimmy Choo, with the collectible NFTs only visible once opening the box. Even though the box is sold out, due to the immense success and bomb caused by Jimmy Choo taking over the NFT markets, we can play with the idea of this new chapter for the iconic shoe brand! Famous legs of Lady D or Michelle Obama, then millions of movie screens to now delivering to your laptop and phone, Jimmy Choo knows the secret sauce to stay on top. Is this mysterious potion to stay relevant, the NFT itself? How do you stay on top of market trends? The article brings me to say: that the answer does lie in NFTs and digitalization. Sure beautiful legs of royalties, first ladies, and movie stars is a terrific plan B!