After the controversy of the advertising campaign of the Spanish brand Balenciaga involving children, the influencer Luana Sandien decided to cut the dress she would wear on the red carpet of the Fashion Awards, the annual ceremony created in the United Kingdom in 1989 to show British and international talents that made the most outstanding contributions to the fashion industry during the year.


With an event just around the corner, on Monday, December 5th, in London, the Brazilian influencer destroyed pieces that cost more than £2k, just 5 days before the event. “I’ve been thinking a lot about all this, going to an event wearing a dress from the brand would only be helping to promote something I don’t agree with”, explains the influencer, appealing to her motherhood and in protest of Balenciaga ‘s marketing action.


This campaign featured photos of children holding purses that looked like teddy bears in BDSM costumes. Another campaign featured photos that include documents about child pornography laws. Together, they started the indignation of the influencer and mother of an 8-year -old boy. The controversy became one of the reasons why Luana decided to protest the marketing action.


I am not modest and I do not speak of decency” advances the Brazilian model and digital influencer, who became known in 2021 for having graced the cover of the African edition of Playboy Magazine, who continues “I believe that our children have to be protect from these actions of hostile nature and we must keep common sense, within measure, when it comes to them”. Luana was married to Polish NBA star Maciej Lampe, with whom she had a son.


In addition to the great repercussion that her cover shooting in the men’s magazine caused, as it made headlines in more than 40 tabloids around the world, Sandien was also presented as the muse of Brazilian Carnival.