By Ashanty Rivera

After pregnancy rumors were all over Instagram and other social media platforms in late 2021,
many of us were dying to know whether or not our fav fashion icon was actually pregnant. The
rumors were quickly shut down, but many fans, like myself, were still questioning if it was just
being kept hush hush for a reason. On Monday, January 31st, my Instagram feed was flooded
with pictures of Rihanna and her bae ASAP Rocky, along with a very noticeable baby bump. I
was super excited and went on every resourceful and factual source I could think of to triple
check if this was 100% real. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, who are both 33, have been dating since

Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, I am sure they will share their parent’s sense of style, and
musical abilities. I am super happy that the rumors are finally true, and one of the most stylish
couples is going to be parents!