Ivy League chic is a classic style for men that has made a comeback for the upcoming fall season. In fact, the majority of these items have never really gone out of style thanks to the classic simple designs that they provide. Conservative colors also make these items look good on almost any man. If you are wondering what are the must have items, here are some ideas.


Ivy league chic basically means Preppy Chic. No matter what time of year it is, there will be some amount of layering for a preppy guy. As we enter fall, you’ll find that it’s a great time to get your prep on. With autumn comes the homecoming events as well as the cooler weather so layering is easy.


Some of the items that are bound to be very popular this year including comfort boxers by McAlson, Tweed caps by Olney, British style satchels and colorful, but conservative ties from Southwick.


Tweed is also popular for his bags and jackets.   If you plan to start your favorite fall activities soon, get ready now by embracing the Ivy League Fall chic. Don’t forget our perennial favorite, Ralph Lauren.