Jealous of the interior design magazine? Here is a room-refresh in four fast steps

By Zsófia Benyi

You are helplessly flipping through the latest interior design magazine or marveling at a cheerful celebrity opening the doors (thanks to Architectural Digest) to her perfect California home wondering. Why is my bedroom the same humdrum old space with four walls? After all, summer is sweeping over you like a tidal ocean wave, and you need to freshen up right now: here is how to do so in four fast steps.

What will you spend the most time doing in your bedroom?

Sleep. With an average of eight hours, you will spend about one-third, 229,961 hours to be exact, of your life asleep, so you have no excuses not to level up your siestas. Silk sheets will change your life (and your hair), so it is worth adding them to the cart: the bestseller Amazon 4.5-star rated Vonty Vonty Satin Sheets are 34 dollars (and are available in 24 different colors).

Next, a bed can shake and shift the grounds of your room: no space, no problem. You can get your place looking like a chic hotel bar or a minimalist white New York-style apartment in no time, with daybeds that you can even extend for any surprise visitor calling. For boutique Hotel Vibes: The Next Stella Daybed is the best bet for £750. If you want a classic, timeless piece that doubles as a work of art or a sofa: tan, cream, or white fluff daybeds are all over the internet.


Oscar de la Renta introduces the third step: “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” According to interior designers, there are three must-have types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. For ambient lighting, even Cameron Diaz, for her West Village apartment, chose a flat ceiling lamp, which works for us too, since you can head to the nearest Ikea and purchase it for a couple of bucks, hopefully with the added extra feature of changeable shades and intensity. For task lighting, think of your desk lamp, and since one must add accents, a shimmer of light to showcase art, objects, or wall art, and even when missing an outlet, you can use a battery-operated picture light with a remote control, or even a candle, if the budget is getting tighter.

Finally, since you spend the second most time working, a desk that motivates you to do so is chief: Ikea has your back with their minimalist white desk that moves up and down, so if you find yourself tired of sitting, why not stand and grind for a while? Four steps, and you shifted the bases of your room, and with a splash of decor, you will never envy the interior design magazine as much as before!