By Ashanty Rivera

Madonna fans everywhere are raving over the fact that the actress who will be playing the 80s
music and fashion icon has finally been revealed. After what was said to be a grueling process,
the actress selected by Madonna and the team making the biopic is Julia Garner. Now many may
not know who the actress is, but she is known for her roles in the Netflix TV shows Ozark &
Inventing Anna. Garner had some serious competition for the lead role, with actresses like
Florence Pugh & Alexa Demie rumored to have auditioned. However, it was announced by
several publications including Variety that Garner was in fact offered, and is expected to accept
the role.

Many are on the fence since the star does not look exactly like the pop star. However, the same
can be said about many other actors who have portrayed singers such as Jennifer Lopez when she
played Selena Quintanilla in Selena, and more recently, Austin Butler’s casting as Elvis Presley
in the upcoming Elvis film. Although these actors do not exactly resemble the stars they were
playing, they still gave, and are expected to give an excellent performance, so who knows,
maybe Julia Garner will give us all the Madonna we are hoping for!