Makes Brand Announcement at New York Fashion Week

Kat Merryfield brought her award winning CBD brand, Kat’s Naturals to Sustainable Fashion Day at New York Fashion Week.  Merryfield is a charismatic CEO on the forefront of CBD development. Her brand Kat’s Naturals is the number one privately owned CBD Company in America. Merryfield is taking the brand to a new level this year by launching a full range of CBD cosmetics. Kat’s Naturals is also the largest female owned CBD Company. Merryfield created a sampling station at Sustainable Fashion Day introducing a range of her products to the influencers and fashionistas. She travels the country educating people about the benefits and varying types of CBD. At Sustainable Fashion Day Merryfield led a panel discussion about her story. She was a Tennessee farmer who originally transitioned into hemp farming to make a difference in the world. Her products come in THC-free or full spectrum extracts in scaling potencies. Each batch of each product is formulated to be the same as the last. They use only high quality American grown hemp, do third party testing to be sure of potency and terpene profile. It is all free of solvents, molds/yeasts, and heavy metals. She prides herself on the integrity of her brand. In the panel she also discussed the future of CBD.  CBD will explode into the cosmetics industry because of the potential of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects it can potentially have.


Kat Merryfield