By Jana Lee

Kitten heels! Mocked by people in the past due to their teeny tiny elevation, but in today’s
post-pandemic fashion trend, with many of us still getting used to leaving the house in slippers
or sneakers, the quite elegant style seems to be just the right way to elevate an outfit without
punishing your feet with a 6-inch boost. While we are all in love with huge platform heels, the
kitten heel trend has been secretly making its room. This in-between shoe is becoming a hit with
street-style stars and the making its way down the runway because of its dressy nature without
giving up comfort and walkability.
New styles from designer labels such as Prada, Dior, Manolo Blahnik, and Amina Muaddi have
given this footwear a new life, one that is chic, elegant, and ruling our Insta feeds. The kitten
heel stumbles in an out of style, the shoe reminds us of pre-teen days of attempting to walk in
heels. This polarizing footwear was a hit with the models in the 60s and then the 90s. The
kitten heel made a comeback in 2010, credit goes to Michelle Obama. The shoe hit the runway
again in 2019, which means these day-to-night uber-chic heels keep coming back into the
fashion game.
There is no denying that we may enjoy wearing our sky-high heels, but some days call for
loungewear or relaxed trousers. Kitten heels are sometimes exactly what we need, a pointed
toe version that might only give 40mm to 50mm of extra height, but they still elongate the legs
(without giving you nasty blisters), they make stretchy staples look relaxed and tailored, add a
structured look to your jeans, and make your evening dress seem sleeker. Kitten heels look
stunning with mini skirts, midis, and cropped pants.
Kitten heels are versatile
Kitten heels have ruled the fashion world for a long, while some people may associate them with
old teenage fashion; they also made a mark around Y2k. This means you can easily rock them
with cropped cardigans, miniskirts, midriff-baring pants, baby tees, and double denim that have
recently reappeared in our closets.
Kitten heels can make a statement
They may be small and dainty, but you can always take your kitten heels for a spin and make a
statement. With basic outfits, you can choose a pair of kitten heels with embellishments, shiny
details, and trendy patterns.
Kitten heels are a happy medium
Want to keep your outfit balanced? Turn to kitten heels. Need a pretty yet comfortable shoe to
go with a party dress? Hello, Kitten heels! Want to keep your outfit simple but don’t want to turn
to pumps or platforms? Kitten heels again!
Depending on the event, kitten heels can add a touch of elevation to your ensemble or tone
your look down, making them the perfect shoe to turn to.