By Ashanty Rivera
After dating for less than one year, the couple, who announced their engagement via Instagram
back in October, is married! It was announced shortly after the Blink-182 drummer performed at
the Grammy’s that the couple were wed at the One Love Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas at around
1:45 AM, and the wedding ceremony was ordained by none other than Elvis Presley- well an
Elvis impersonator that is.

The couple reportedly did not obtain a marriage license, according to People magazine, but
according to the owner of the One Love Wedding Chapel, the ceremony lasted for about 30
minutes. Kourtney and Travis have been friends for years before they even started dating, and
after failed marriages for the both of them, it seems their love (not to sound cheesy) might have
been destined. They have shown through countless posts and red-carpet events that they are
deeply in love with each other- so hopefully this one sticks for the two celebrities, and who
knows, they might even have a baby!