Planet Fashion is excited to announce that the Australian label Lahana will be making it’s debut at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week better known as Swim Week, this July 14th at the Planet Fashion Runway Shows. Lahana is more than a swimwear brand – its a gorgeous reflection of a lifestyle for fierce babes who want to feel and look their best. The line was founded in 2015 by sisters Ramana and Vrindy Benson. The duo saw a need in the market for fresh designs, Lahana Swim has been brought to life by a team who love and live Lahana. Customers are the company’s core, and Lahana babes worldwide continue to join their vibrant social media and collaborative movement.

Their glamour lies in their minimalistic aesthetic. They are inspired by Australia’s love affair with salt and skin. There is a natural beauty with a woman who wears Lahana. The goal of the design team is to make women feel flawless and carefree in luxurious fabrics, exotic tones and minimalistic designs featuring cheeky cuts that make a statement. The pieces are designed to make women feel like warriors; making heads turn in our fiercely bold pieces.