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LeeAnna Vamp is a model and cosplayer from California.

Is she a girl, or is she a Wookiee? Who cares? She’s awesome! Brand new geeky/sexy photos and video.

Basic Information


www.LeeAnnaVAMP.com VAMPTRESS LeeAnna Vamp “The Ghoul of Your Dreams” ® “YOUR BEST NIGHTMARE” www.FIENDSFOREVER.com


Hello my Fiends,

I’m LeeAnna Vamp, the “Ghoul of Your Dreams”. Welcome to my spookylicious site and make sure to take a look around.

So, where to start…

LeeAnna Vamp… is my real name and I am also known as the Vamptress. A ” VAMP ” is a seductress, a woman that knows her power, is alluring and enchanting. It is short for Vampire, but I think it’s a style that’s edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous… I AM VAMP.

Are you a real Vampire ? -Ummm no. But if you ever find a real one that’s at least over 200 years old, not a wanna be, poser and/or glittering dork…let me know. Trust me, I would love to meet ’em and please keep me first in mind if you see or know any Undead (zombies, vampires, etc). That would be pretty fascinating and awesome !

I’m a total nerd at heart. I grew up loving all the classics and I’m especially a fan of 80’s movies. I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genre movies. I’m not one of those that remembers every little movie trivia fact and believes that nerd knowledge is a super power, like having to know “How many parsecs it took for the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel Run” …that one I actually do know, but you get my point 😉

I am a fan and will be a Nerd Forever!

I love fangs. I make them a “fashion” piece. They are my main and ultimate sexy fashion accessory, but I don’t wear them all the time 😉 A Vamp is a Vamp with or without the fangs.

I love evil stuff and all things Halloween. We all know who we are out there growing up as kids and loving the magic of the holidays. Christmas is awesome…. but for us, Halloween just kicks so much more ass.

Keep in touch my fiends. Check the site for appearances and where the Fiend Crew will be next. I hope you enjoyed your stay….and leave FOREVER HAUNTED.

” Fiends Forever ! ”

And if were really good fiends we’re ” Best Fiends Forever ! ” 😉


LeeAnna Vamp …Your Best Nightmare