By Cordejha Lewis

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton, is celebrating 200 years by paying homage to its founder with some
awesome updates to its adventure-based game. With its initial launch in August of 2021, Louis
The Game has added two new levels and ten new NFTs. The stand-alone mobile app allows
players to explore the 6 different worlds, and as they progress each level teaches them more
about the brand’s 200 year history by collecting postcards. Players can explore as the avatar
Vivienne, who as the game progresses gains more and more LV outfits. The rewards don’t end
with the brand’s history, no like most great things they come with prizes. As players solve
puzzles and beat more quests, they get closer to being added to a raffle that awards the winners
the luxury brand’s new NFTs. These NFTs are totally free and owning a certain amount of them
results in being added to the raffle. The raffle is set to run until August 4 which also coincides
with Louis Vuitton’s birthday. While players can also hope to be one of the lucky winners of one
of these exclusive NFTs, they can also be prepared to upgrade Vivienne’s wardrobe with each
new level gained.
The new levels of Louis The Game features a launch of new non-fungible tokens to celebrate the
brand’s flourishing bicentennial. The celebrations boast several interactive NFTs that allow
players the ability to gather and trade digital assets. These digital assets are the first items to be
gamified and sold using NFTs. Louis Vuitton has deliberated their transition into the verse by
expanding into the gaming sector (a bold move to say the least) as well as the increasingly
popular crypto-collectibles. The NFTs were created in collaboration with Beeple’s Startup
Wenew Labs and minted from Louis Vuitton’s Ethereum wallet. Fashion, metaverse, and gaming
enthusiasts can be prepared to up their gaming library as well as their virtual fashion wardrobe
through Vivienne, Louis Vuitton’s stylish mascot. With 2 million downloads, Louis The Game is
certified hot!