Wow we love Ulla Johnson’s cool new collection for Spring Summer 2021. She presented it for New York Fashion Week. We also love the outdoor settings that designers have been forced to use for their runway shows. Having a runway outside is part of the restrictions put in place by the city, in response to covid 19. 

Yet these outside settings serve as accessories to the apparel. Ulla Johnson created a hip runway film against the backdrop of New York City on Roosevelt Island’s Four Freedoms Park. Its a beautiful collection that she says is her “Love Letter to New York City” Models walked on a hand-painted color-blocked runway, designed by the artists of Oliphant Studios in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, to the unique voice of 17-year-old Staten Island talent Shamiqua. 

It reminds us of a New York City romance novel, the kind of story where the lead girl gets her guy!