Everyone on the planet has spent the past 2 months experiencing a range of emotions. What a unique time this is. We are truly at a cross roads of humanity. When has the whole world, every country,  experienced a phenomenon like the one we are all having now.

It is interesting because the synthesized core of each individual has truly come out. Some have been angry, blaming, paranoid, afraid, spiritual, confident and happy. Yes if you can believe it I talked to a friend who told me that he was really enjoying this time of quarantine and it has been one of the happiest times of his life. He’s not worried about money, he is collecting a little salary right now, while not having to go to work and he’s doing hobbies and creative passions at home while romantically bonding with his fiancé. He feels this time is bliss.

I’ve had so many talks and invitations for people to join their meditations and prayer sessions for an increase of love, light and healing on the planet. That is so amazing! People around the world have been visualizing love for the earth and the people of the planet! I can only imagine the incredible results that will come from all those beautiful intentions have been set in motion.

Most people have been stricken with some kind of fear. There’s the fear of the virus, the fear of not submitting to authority, fear of conspiracy, fear of the government, fear of the lying media, fear of nefarious pharmaceutical special interests, fear of vaccines, martial law, economic devastation, poverty for the masses.

There is no question that an illness exists. The data regarding exact numbers, how widespread it is, how dangerous is it is, its makeup, its causes, its effects, and what is the best solution for it, changes daily. There are so many opinions, so much official coverage, independent coverage, conspiracy coverage and never ending discourse and debate.

Let’s take a moment to step outside of all of that. Stop ingesting fear as much as possible. Stop receiving information about coronavirus for 1 day, even if it’s information that you agree with or from a source that reinforces your notions about it.  You’ve been inundated, assaulted with information. Your mind and soul deserve a break. You deserve a big love break.

That is spending time sending love to yourself, appreciating how well you’ve held up. Be grateful for everything you have. Spend time articulating to yourself what you’re grateful for and why. Send loving appreciative thoughts to everyone in your life you care for. Most of all send love and light to our world leaders and everyone on this planet. Hope for them all to have wisdom, truth, freedom, healing and prosperity.

Imagine if you had the power to grant that wish to come true for everyone.

The reality is you do. Your loving thoughts have power.

Envision the quarantine ending now and life being somehow better than it was before…..