We love the unique collection presented by Luisa Spagnoli for Milan Fashion Week. Italy goes southwest is this interesting take on European ready to wear. A Spagnoli, like most designers, wanted to reference freedom and optimism with her collection.
For the Spring / Summer 2022 season, Luisa Spagnoli says her collection tells the story of an independent woman with an adventurous spirit who embarks on a dreamy journey through vibrant landscapes.

For her first show in the Milan Fashion Week’s official calendar, the Italian designer and entrepreneur recreated a charming New Mexico-style courtyard inside the historic Palazzo Isimbardi. 

Spagnoli used upscale fabrics, many of them certified sustainable. This collection has prints, embroideries and jacquard motifs capturing the authentic spirit of Made in Italy fashion.


Spagnoli says the volumes are airy and relaxed, interpreting women’ desire to escape from any constraints.
Silk maxi dresses with deep slits, were cinched at the waist with leather belts showing eye-catching turquoise buckles. Worn off-the-shoulder and left unbuttoned, they revealed seductive corsets.
Denim adds an urban and contemporary touch. The five pockets are cut in flared shapes elongating the silhouette, shorts look hyper feminine and pencil silks reveal sensual front slits. She paired everything with cowboy hats which might just be the trend for spring.