Eco hotels and sustainable hotels have been around for ages but now elite luxury hotels are picking up on the trend.

New global research commissioned by world-leading communication technology company Communications Specialist Ltd, reveals that 94% of senior executives at high-end, luxury hotels expect the sector to increase its focus on sustainability over the next three years – some 22% believe there will be a dramatic increase

As part of this, 46% expect there will be a dramatic increase in the sector’s focus on working with local suppliers, and a further 44% say there will be a slight increase. Some 84% are predicting growth in the luxury hotel sector’s use of renewable energy, and 86% an increased focus in the sector on removing disposable plastics from their operations between now and 2026.

Some 28% of senior luxury hotel executives interviewed say having strong sustainability credentials is now extremely important to secure bookings, while a further 68% say it is quite important.