Marcel Everette is an LA based brand with a creative purpose; each garment is carefully crafted using heavy leathers, hand paneled corduroy patch work and wools that are reinforced to be worn inside out. Garett Wilson, the Creative Director, uses his interest in using mix compositions and textures to create this signature brand. 

Wilson’s appreciation for industrial machinery and its relationship with humanity stemmed from his early childhood where he remembers watching people work at the factory, the way their hands looked and their movements, stating that “although it seemed cerebral, the way they flowed together was more than learned repetition.”

Marcel Everette

Moving to Los Angeles from Texas has allowed Garrett to actualize his idea of the relationship between man and MachinE and what it means to him; Marcel Everette was then created with a purpose. His attention to detail has not only caught the eyes of many over the years but has also led to his owning and running of a factory where he can take on other design clients and curate the work, as well as deliver garments with the same standard of quality as his own.

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Written by: Camila Godoy