Everyone loves fashion shows. There is nothing like going to one of the fashion weeks, wearing your spiffiest outfit and getting a chance to check out all the other attendees in their cute little outfits. Then comes the actual runway show with the bright lights, loud awesome music, gorgeous otherworldly models and of course the Fashion!
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Well down in Miami, once a year the Swimwear Fashion Week takes hold. First of Miami is the perfect place for Swimwear Fashion Week. The tropical back drop of Miami sets the scene for a fantasy of swimwear fashion. The best and brightest swimwear designers come from all around the world. Press, Celebrities and Apparel buyers from around the world come too. The models for Swimwear Fashion Week are the sexy, tanned, Victoria Secret kind, not the pale, emaciated editorial girls from couture fashion weeks. The vibe is all around fun!
Miami Swimwear Fashion Week happens every July and is a sight to see.