I recently watched “My Week With Marilyn” on a flight. For some reason I would not have thought to go and see that movie in a theater. I did not think it was going to be all that exciting. I was really pleasantly surprised. Michelle Williams did an awesome job. For which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Michelle does Marylin with magnetism and vulnerability but she doesnt capture the lustiness or simplicity. Michelle Williams version of Marilyn is a lot more meditated a lot more head weight going on. What I mean is that even playing light and sexy Michelle Williams is more together and serious that Marilyn was. Its like Michelle is the Marilyn that Marilyn herself would have wished she could be. It’s in the eyes, that focus and seriousness. Michelle can’t lose it, Marylin never had it. Not that one way is better than the other. It’s just that Marilyn protected herself with the one thing that she felt most confident with, and that was raw sexuality with a lot of openness. Also the vulnerability is actually a form of submissiveness. I’m not sure any modern actress could truly nail Marilyn. she was definitely a product of that time.Anyway I was looking at pictures of Marilyn Monroe recently. Check out some of the pics here, also compare it with Michelle Williams. Look in the eyes and you’ll see the difference I was talking about.

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