By Ashanty Rivera

We got the best of both worlds coming to us live on December 31st on NBC and Peacock at
10:30pm ET. That’s right, Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson are hosting “Miley’s New Year’s Eve
Party” live from Miami- and I cannot wait to virtually attend. The event will include
performances by Saweetie, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Jack Harlow, and many more. In
preparation for the star-studded event, Miley shared a Style Guide for the party to her Instagram
story. Now obviously many of us are going to be viewing this event in our living rooms while
scarfing down food or an unhealthy amount of popcorn, but why not do it in style and have fun
while waiting for the new year to spring upon you?
I am not the party going type, but if I did have a New Year’s Eve party to go to this year, I would
definitely be using Miley’s style guide as inspiration for my ensemble! While the guide is not
fully detailed or filled with text, it includes pictures that are sure to get some of us excited to pull
out something crazy and definitely worth partying in! Her guide is a pictured depiction of
glamour meets classic, with bold, bright, and shimmery inspo! With a few days left until
Christmas and a week left until New Year’s Eve, there is plenty of time to whip up something
quick and playful enough to get you into any A-list celebrity NYE party, including Miley’s! So
the question is, what will you be wearing when you tune in to Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party
next Friday? Will you be following Miley’s custom style guide, or let yourself take the wheel?
Either way I am sure it will do, as long as you’re pumped and ready to venture into the New
Miley’s NYE Party Style Guide