By Ashanty Rivera

With the new season of Stranger Things upon us, we are even more obsessed with the characters
than we were when the first season premiered, specifically Millie Bobby Brown’s character
Eleven. Since her casting as the super-powerful demogorgan slayer, she has starred in other
projects such as Gozilla: King of the Monsters and the Netflix original Enola Holmes. She is now
the newest Vogue Hong Kong cover star, and it is absolutely iconic to say the least.

According to Vogue, “I have been Eleven for nearly seven years and every time I’ve finished the
job, I’m like, oh my God, what could you learn from a girl that has telekinetic powers?” she
laughs. “ Well I learn this, this, this, and this while being Eleven. A lot” Well, this shoot and
interview was a definite eleven out of 10 stars for us!