With fourteen shows this last season up her sleeve, the model Paloma Elsesser is one of the faces of the
moment. Her attitude and her natural gorgeousness have made her the (long-term) icon of a new
generation that claims the discourse of self-acceptance.

With unusual measurements in the industry and an even less usual attitude, Elsesser has nevertheless
become the face that everyone wants on their catwalks. Her personification of confidence and yes, also of
her highly coveted sex appeal has made her one of the most requested models for the catwalk.

“For the new generation of designers inclusion is something honest and real, but not real in the sense of
‘hashtag real bodies’, they just choose the girls they want and the casting is inherently diverse. Normally
in the older generations people are for or against this inclusion; but the younger ones have simply
internalized it and do not intend it to be a declaration of intent” says the model.

Precisely that attitude is what designers want. A mixture of naturalness, commitment, carefreeness and
self-confidence that translates into what fashion calls “making the garments yours”. We love to see
ground-breakers like Paloma and designers that naturally have inclusive lines for everyday women.