Music and Fashion
People in the music industry have a natural love affair with fashion.
Fashion creates an artists image. It solidifies their brand. Fashion and music are like hugs and kisses, it’s always gone together. The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the list goes on and on of artists that influenced fashion with their own unique styles.

These days it goes even further with all the music artists that have their own fashion brands (Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce).

>And then there are those that feel they are fashion experts (Kanye West).
Wow I’m always amazed when I listen to a Kanye West interview. He’ll talk about track suits, and sneakers like it’s the most important thing in the world. I wonder if he knows how out of touch he sounds.
Maybe that’s the point he wants to sound as if he’s from another planet.
After all music superstars do seem extraterrestrial. Just look at Nikki Minaj.

And what about all the music stars that date models. It’s a literal marriage of music and fashion.
With that said, you rarely see fashion designers trying to make music. Just saying.