Meet the 23-year-old viral sensation Aysia Hilliard and mastermind behind this music themed lip care line TrapStix Lip Balm  . The Howard University graduate’s passion for both hip hop and pop culture merged seamlessly with her love for lip balms, resulting in a unique and exciting business opportunity that has taken TikTok by storm. Today, Aysia has over 90 thousand followers and continues to grow in TikTok popularity as fans faithfully tune in to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her running the business.

Aysia Hilliard

TrapStix combines all-natural flavors with clever wordplay, paying homage to some of the biggest artists in the music industry. The brand’s top picks include the citrusy Wu-Tangerine, the honey-inspired Cardi-Bees, and sweet cocoa H.E.R.Shey. Ingredients feature beeswax, soybean, grape seed, coconut, and sweet almond oils that nourish and hydrate while vitamin E, stevia, and rosemary extract further rejuvenate lips.