For the first time ever, Naomi Campbell is a mom! The supermodel welcomed a new baby into her fabulous world and said she’s never felt such a ‘great love’ in her life.

“A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother,” Naomi Campbell, 50, announced with a precious Instagram post. The fashion icon and runway legend posted a picture of her holding her newborn infant’s adorable feet. “So honoured to have this gentle soul in my life. There are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you, my angel. There is no greater love.”

Naomi wasn’t forthcoming with the sex of the child, or who the father is, or how she was able to keep this pregnancy under wraps. She tagged her mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, in the post, perhaps happy to share the news that Valerie is now a grandmother.

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Naomi did speak in 2017 about how she always pictured herself starting a family. “I think about having children all the time,” she told the Evening Standard, though she said that wasn’t in a rush at the time. “But now, with the way science is, I think I can do it when I want.” During the chat, the topic of adopting or having IVF (In vitro fertilization) came up. “Maybe,” she said teasingly before becoming serious. “Maybe. Maybe.” She did say she didn’t fancy being a single parent. “I do want a father figure. I think it’s important. … It’s the way I feel today, sitting here talking to you.”