Fashion and travel go together hand in hand. Everyone that works in fashion uses global inspirations for their creative endeavors and personal style. With instagram culture becoming so prominent in the last few years, travel has grown too. Influencers love taking pictures in exotic locations. This has led to people seeing these images and wanting to travel.
The covid epidemic has severely affected the travel industry. Luckily a new report has come out showing that people really want to get back out there, and travel.

Despite COVID-19 putting many normal aspects of life on hold, a new survey has revealed a strong willingness to travel during 2020 among Americans nonetheless.

According to the survey of 746 U.S.-based respondents, conducted by, 72% of Americans still plan on traveling in 2020, while 91% are more likely to travel domestically than internationally. The latter finding reflects not only travelers’ preferences, but necessity, given the current bans on American travellers worldwide due to the ongoing surge of coronavirus cases in the U.S. 

However, of those who prefer to travel domestically, 59% stated that they would not have travelled internationally even in the absence of the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, 64% said COVID-19 has impacted their financial ability to travel in the near future.

The data on domestic travel aligns with separate research published in June which found that 46 million Americans plan to take a recreational vehicle (RV) trip in the next 12 months, up from 25 million in 2019. 

At the same time, respondents of the survey identified road trips as the fourth-most popular holiday option for this winter, exceeded by their interest in beach/resort, camping, and skiing trips. The rest of the top 10 holiday preferences including partying, yoga retreats, backpacking, city breaks, safaris, and cruises.  

Where in the U.S. might travelers visit in these times? VermontOregonMaineWyoming, and Colorado were the top five states which respondents named as their most likely destination this winter. Hawaii, NevadaCalifornia, South Carolina, and Utah also made it into the top 10. 

Covid also happens to have low rates in a number of those states. Cases are particularly low in Hawaii, Wyoming, Oregon,  Vermont and Maine.