By Cordejha Lewis

Supermodel Bella Hadid, has just announced her emergence into the metaverse on Instagram this
week! Hadid said on her instagram, “Say hi to CY-B3LLA.” Not only does the fashion icon have
her own NFT now, but fans can now have a virtual version of the star! CY-B3LLA was created
in collaboration with reBASE, Raisa (Rai) Flowers and Evani Frausto. Hadid will have about
11,111 exclusive NFTs of the supermodel for release and a certificate of authentication will be
included with the purchase of CY-B3LLA. The NFTs will be spread across 10 real world regions,
with Tokyo being the first to be revealed. Hadid’s NFT also focuses its design on the 10
countries that it represents, showing true inclusivity! The supermodel has declared that this is a
new phase in connecting with fans-and we are so happy to see it! The NFT is heavily influenced
by the cyborg and robotics themes that daunts a sleek and futuristic design of Hadid’s beautiful
and mesmerizing features.

The use of innovative 3D scanning allows for a completely realistic replica of the star’s most
famous features. The NFTs are in 4K, with all parts able to be seen in high resolution for an even
more realistic appearance. Fans can rejoice on the arrival of a virtual replica of the superstar as
well as the ability to meet the supermodel in select locations across the globe. The holders of the
NFTs will have exclusive access to in-person meet and greets, but the dates and locations have
yet to be released. Bella has stated that she has plans to expand her project from the few select
locations she already has in store. According to the supermodel, this NFT launch has less to do

with monetary gain and more so to do with creating a community for her fans. A true
humanitarian, Hadid hopes to create a nation that is more kind and loving to all -completely
online that is. Superfans also get access to a special discord that allows fans to connect directly to
Hadid. Are you excited to get the chance to own an avatar of the famous supermodel?